After there are more and more writings with often similar questions, I want try to answer some things wich frequently were asked.


Why do some men wear pantyhose ?

As allways there is no general answer, cause there are different reasons. Some love the feeling like being encased and are wearing thicker and very tights hoses. 20den is the minimum for them. Some of them intensify this by wearing many layers pf pantyhose. Other ones love the game of sissyfication - devotism and the obsession to wear femal clothings go hand in hand often. I myself are a lover of tender yarns from 5den to maximum 20den and the feeling it causes on my skin (a.m. below). But as I am a bondage-fan too and also love dev/dom-games, I knew the special pleasore of wearing more layers as well as the game of feminized submisson. Sometimes its a mix of all those different reasons. But I know for sure - its a very erotical feeling at all.


What do man feel when they wear pantyhose (ore even stockings)?

I only can speak for myself here. But I can suggest that many men (or even women) feel similar.

I already tried to explain the special feeling at the intro of this homepage. It's not so easy to find the right words for ist - however it ist a very strong exciting feeling for me in each case.

Already if I put on the pantyhose, when the thin stuff tenderly slides along the legs and teases every inch of my smooth skin (shave legs are a must for me) it makes my feel like beeing elctrified. It's a bit like a warm embrace, when the pantyhose nestle to my toes, tighs, the cheeks of my but and (especially with seamless pantyhose nearly unbelievable) my cock. Each step in it is like a neverending tender caress and soft massage.

The skin ist the biggest lustzone and the soft nylon on it is a permanent stimulation - like a amplifier - as you've plugged innumerable aerials on the end of your nervs. Each little brease of air on the legs goes through and through, as if Aphrodite herself has blown a soft kiss on them. Each tease g of fingertips, each touch of strange skin will magical be reinforced.

Its really hard already to resist the attraction of touching a beautiful leg in nylon. Everyone who knows how wonderfull tender, smooth and soft this feels under the fingertips, kows what I mean. But it's as exciting for the nyloned leg (and not only for the leg) as for the touching Hand. My skin is greedy for getting touched when I'm in nylon. each . Its like the pantyhose is connecting each nerve in my body and every touch, whether its soft or hard, will directly be sent to the pleasuredom in my brain.


Why do many women don' t feel like this ?

Therefore I only can suggest. Cause nevertheless I love a - normally considered as feminin - clothing, I'm only a man still. But due to many statings of women, the reason seems to be, that pantyhose are simply a daily clothing for women. Very practical but mostly not be found as very erotical. While for man it is a very uncommon act to wear pantyhose - with only the thinking on it is like a strange adventure - for women it is daily practice.

Indeed - women know very well that pantyhose adorn their legs and show them very conscious therefore. But while men listen very intensive and with a shiver to their feelings by tasting this fordbidden fruit - women do not pay much attention to this. It's usual for them since they were little girls, also some remember that the first times of wearing pantyhose as a girl has given them a special feeling of "being a woman now".

I know some women, wich did not have any deeper feelings about pantyhsoe for the most time of their life. First through the passion of their lovers the started to search in their own feelings, what he perhaps may find in it. Today the most of them are wearing pantyhose with much more consciousness and some of them have found a new passion for themself.


Shall I tell my wife / girlfriend about it ?

Absolutely !!! I can say this because of many mails from women, wich had found out that their men are wearing pantyhose and wich can't understand why their man are hiding this for them and wich don't know how to speak with ther men about it.

Women have much more understanding and tolerance as men often would believe. Especially when they are in love with someone, women are very often willing to accept things even when they first feel strange about it. But its very important to tell the lady of your heart what you are feeling when you do this, to find their acceptance. Not only that frankness allways is a very important thing in every realtionship ... if you dont speak about your wishes, you even have no chance to get them fullfilled. Mostly women tolerates this harmless affections of their men ... and somtetimes they discovered fun for themself with this special stuff.


How can I bring my wife / girlfriend to wear more pantyhose ?

There is no general way. It's the best to talk with her about your feelings an how much you would love to see her in them. Very much women dont know, that many men do find pantyhose as erotical as stockungs or silk underwear. But the most women love it very much to seduce their men and they are surely glad if they would know how they can do this in the right way with you.


Does he only desire me if I wear pantyhose for him ?

Sometimes it may seem so, but I think for the most of them the content of the pantyhose is still the more important thing. Fetishism is a very strong passion and if someone has found a partner at last to share this - he want miss it anymore. It's a bit like cream on a cake - surely the pure cake is very delicious too, but with cream on it's even a touch better. See it at this way .... he dont want to love any woman in pantyhose ... he want YOU in pantyhose.

to be continued .....


Questions and suggestions, what further I could handle here, are allways welcome.