I think everybody has his own opinion wether it is perverted or not if a man is wearing nylons or pantyhose. Likewise there are different meanings about the matter, if fetish is passion, obsession or mental disease. However ...
For those of you wich feel offendend already by thinking of men could do such a "horrible thing" ..... pls. better leave this page, you could be shoked too much otherwise.
Those of you wich are openminded enough for "strange feelings" ore those who find similar perceptions ... pls. feel welcome...
but excuse my bad english please ... its not my mother tongue.

Nylonfetish is not known or accepted as well in public as latex or leather is today. Nevertheless there are a many men all over the world wich share this fetish. Unfortunately there are more men than women.

Most fetishists don't know, that they are not alone with their passion .... therefore they live their affection only hidden often. Even they are allmost to angry too, to tell their girlfriends, that they would love to see them in pantyhose - not to mention to say that they love to wear pantyhose by themself.

I have made this page to change this and to bring nylonfetish out of the dirty and perverted sex-area, as well as out of the prejudice "surely those all are just kinky gays" .

Surely some transvestites and gays shares this affection too. I am bisexuell myself..... but I also know a many straight men, wich can't escape of this erotic fever. At this point I wish to declare, that "to be gay " is not a disease, it is as normal as beeing a hetero. I have some very nice friends wich are transvestites and I have to say that the world would be a better place, if more of the so-called "normal people" would be only half as sensitive for the needings of other people as this friends of mine are.

So .. how did I came to this passion ?????
As a little boy I was fascinated by the look of female legs in nylon allready and I took every chance to touch them {if you ar young enough noone is thinking bad about this :-) }. It feels simply great.... so silky ... and I could feel the warm and soft skin through it. Generally this mix of nudness and encasement surely is not a unimportant part of the optical attraction of sheer nylon.

It came how it have to came ....one day (I was about 12 years old I think) I had to know how it would feel on my own skin. So I secret took a pair of my mother 's (don't think wrong .... she was the only one wich wears pantyhose in our family at that time) ......and the feeling was fascinating ''''so tight but so slight at the same time, a permanent caress like a tender breath '''' . It fascinates me till today.

As far as I know, it starts at a similar way by the most nylonfetishists. However - it has given me a wider horizon (not only in a sexual way) and it learned me a great piece of tolerance until today (who ever expects tolerance should spend it too ... don't forget everybody of us is a little bit crazy in his own way).

Okay I confess ..... nylonstockings, pantyhose or catsuits are looking much better on woman normally. But I think "men in tights" can be erotical too and some of the femal comments I get showed me that I am not so wrong. I leave it to anybody himself to make his own opinion about that. In my fantasygallery and in the adult-section you can take a look on it ... if you like...... :-)

For those of you, wich generally don*t like to see more or less naked men, but came here hoping to find some pics of sexy nylongirls, please go to my girl-galleries with some of my favorite pics ..... but for this kind of pics there is enough in the web and on my link-page you can find a lot of interesting links in the wide world of nylonerotic.

I would be glad if you give me your comments ... who likes can send me an e-mail or join my guestbook .